openSUSE Network Installation/Upgrade Without CD/DVD

Installing or upgrading openSUSE is fairly easy. We could used any choice : DVD installation, LiveCD, LiveUSB or by using net install CD for network installation. But, How if we do not have any of CD, DVD, or USB  The only one we have is existing openSUSE with attached network. Well, It was not the end of choice, because we could use a small script with long name 🙂 , SetupGRUBforNFSinstall.

How to use this small script to fit with our requirement ?

  1. If you have  fast and stable internet connection, skip step 2. You could use network installation by using as base installation source
  2. Preparing network installation source. You mas used SLP or http installation source. I’m using http installation source by mount openSUSE ISO image into apache root folder directory. In this screnario, I’m using a server with IP address and mount the ISO image into /srv/www/htdocs/slp-install. The local folder could be reach by using http protocol with this address : (I used folder name ‘slp-install’ because used same folder as slp installation source)
  3. Download the script (Right clik and save as). Change it’s name with “”. You may rename the script with another name, I must give a credit for Ludwig Nussel for his achievement 🙂
  4. Give the script executable permission
    [code language=’cpp’]
    chmod +x
  5. Follow the wizard
  6. Step 1 : Choose either x86 or x86_64 architecture. This initial wizard will be show if your system supporting the x86_64 architecture


  7. Step 2 : Choose installation source. I choose “Specify URL manually” for current scenario, although I can choose another option (SLP or internet install from


  8. Step 3 : Typing full URL. In this scenario :


  9. Step 4 : Choose display resolution for installation process


  10. Step 5 : Klik OK, follow another extra wizard 🙂 and finally, reboot your computer and choose network installation from GRUB menu.


After the above wizard, the installation process will continue to normal installation as well as using CD or DVD.

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