The Famous Five by Enid Blyton, My Favorite Books

The famous five is a most popular book series written by Enid Blyton. Translated and published in Indonesia in 1980s by Gramedia with the Indonesian title : Lima Sekawan.

The famous five is a novel series about children adventures. The five title came from 5 childrens : Julian Kirrin, his young brother Dick (Richard) Kirrin and young sister Anne Kirrin. The rest two is their cousin Georgina and his dog Timothy. Georgina is a strange and tomboy girl 🙂 who looks and acts like a boy and won’t answer until you call her "George". She is boyish makes a great deal about how boys are better and stronger at everything, she is also an excellent swimmer and hold her breath under the water "for ages"! By cutting her hair very short and dressing like a boy, she is often mistaken for one, something which pleases her enormously. She is headstrong by nature and, like her father, Quentin, has a fiery temper.

Another one is Timothy. Just like George, Timothy most popular with nick name "Timmy".

Lima Sekawan in Television Scene
George lived with her daddy Quentin Kirrin and her mother Fanny Kirrin in Kirrin cottage, a small old house near Kirrin bay. Quentin Kirrin is brother of Dick, Julian and Anne’s father, so Quentin Kirrin is their uncle and Fanny Kirrin is their aunt.

Uncle Quentin work as an inventor and scientist. He possesses an infamous temper and has little tolerance for children on school holidays, but is nevertheless not as heartless as he may at first seem.

One of the interesting note is that most of their adventures take place on school holidays while visiting the village of Kirrin 😀 .

The first book in Famous Five series is "Five on a Treasure Island" and translated in Indonesia with : "Lima Sekawan : Di Pulau Harta".

First book of Famous FiveActually, the first book I’ve read is the fifteen series, translated into Indonesian with the title : "Melacak Jejak Rahasia". It was an early 1990s, while class 1 in high school, SMPN 1 Tambun – Bekasi. My friend (She is a beautiful girl with long hair 😀 ), Diah Permata Sari lend me the book and I deeply got interested with the series. She lend me all of her collection, not only from Famous Five series. Some of them is the "Secret Seven" (translated into Indonesian as "Sapta Siaga"), Five Find-Outers (translated into Indonesian as "Pasukan Mau Tahu"), Malory Towers, Adventures Series, and much more. Most of them are Enid Blyton books but there is some another interesting books, like "Trio Detektif" by Alfred Hitchcok and "Rumah Kecil di Tengah Padang Rumput" 😀 (Litle House in the Praire) .

After finished second high school in SMAN 2 Bekasi, I never met with Diah Permata Sari. Perhaps, this post could bring her to contact me 😉 .

Tha famous five is my favorite books until now. There is some another favorite books, like Musashi, Taiko, Sherlock Holmes and some more but the famous five is my lovely books.

In 1978, this book adapted for television and broadcast by TVRI in early 1980s. I was about five year of ages and it was pretty difficult to view the movie because the television was so expensive and in our village there is only a piece of television 🙁 .

The Famous Five 1978 television series was produced by Southern Television for the ITV network in the UK, in 26 episodes of thirty minutes. It starred Michele Gallagher as Georgina, Marcus Harris as Julian, Jennifer Thanisch as Anne, Gary Russell as Dick, Toddy Woodgate as Timmy, Michael Hinz as Uncle Quentin and Sue Best as Aunt Fanny. It also starred Ronald Fraser, John Carson, Patrick Troughton, James Villiers, Cyril Luckham and Brian Glover. The screenplays were written by Gloria Tors, Gail Renard, Richard Carpenter and Richard Sparks. The episodes were directed by Peter Duffell, Don Leaver, James Gatward and Mike Connor. The series was produced by Don Leaver and James Gatward.

My favorite artist-off course-is Jennifer Thanisch. Born in 1964, she was fourteen years of age in 1978. She looks very-very beautiful. In one or two series of Famous Five in Indonesia, there is a scene of television series and I become falling in love with her 😀 after see the scene photos. I know, in the 1990, she was 26 years of age but I assumed she was still fourteen years of age.

Until finished high school, Jennifer Thanisch or Anne Kirrin become my girl friend in imagination. If I felt in love with some girl in high school, I will compared their physical view with her. Wow, sound incredible things right now.

80-an blog have an interesting post about Famous Five in Indonesian language. There is an unofficial website about Enid Blyton that contains several online books. The official site of Enid Blyton is

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