Win a Free MacBook Air with Zimbra Desktop

If you want a free MacBook Air, just try to download Zimbra Desktop and register yourself to win a Free MacBook Air.

But, what is a Zimbra Desktop ? 😀

Zimbra Desktop is a next generation email and calendar application you can install on your computer. It’s like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird but it also incorporates the latest web experiences to create a totally new and more powerful tool.

Simplify your life

  • Manage your email, contacts, and calendar events together in Zimbra Desktop
  • Works with Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail Plus, Gmail, Outlook or any other ‘POP/IMAP’ email account
  • View web “mash-ups” like Yahoo! Maps and Local in messages without opening a browser
  • Works with Windows, Apple, and Linux computers
  • Unlike a web browser you don’t have to be online to use it!
  • Zimbra Desktop is free

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