Deactivating WordPress Statistic Plugin : StatPress Reloaded


A few days ago, I’m noticed that my blog  is  run very slow. It’s take more than 5 minutes to display all of content and need more again to go to the admin panel. I didn’t realize what’s the problem because I found nothing important on the error log of the server. After investigating the error log and the connection, I’m thinking to checked th MySQL database and found that one table has biggest size compared to others.

The table name was wp_statpress , used by StatPress plugin for saving the statistic history. What’s make surprise, it has more than 90% of database size. It has 93 MB of size while my database has about 101 MB. I installed the plugin to watching the statistic of visitor, to give more information about which topic are popular, what’s their reference and where the visitor came from.

After backing up the database, I’m trying to clear the table content so my database size drop until 10 MB and my blog loads faster. I don’t know if the size of StatPress table has an impact with the performance or no but I think it would better to balancing the statistic requirement with the loading process of blog.

What’s a stupid behaviour 🙂 , after manually clear the table content, I found out that there is an option to “Automatically delete visits & spider statitistics older than…”. The option set as “never” by default on initial installation so it’s the answer why the statistics more and more bigger over the time.

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