Adding Adsense Code to Serendipity Blog

Adding adsense code to your Serendipity blog just need a little step, as easy as 1-2-3. The easiest way of accomplishing this is to use the "Adsense Plugin". The Adsense plugin isn’t a terribly complex plugin, it simply allows the user to add a block of adsense code to one of the sidebars on your blog.

Simple step to add your adsense code to your Serendipity blog :

  • Extract and upload adsense plugin folder (serendipity_plugin_google_adsense) to your Serendipty plugin folder.
  • Install adsense plugin. Please refer to Installing Plugin at the Serendipity wiki if you need a Serendipity plugin installation how-to.
  • Fill out the form

Client-ID : Fill with your adsense ID. Start with pub-
Format : Select your Adsense ads format. Refer to Google Adsense ads format
Type : Select your ads type, image with text, text only or image only
Channel : fill with your tracking channel
Number : how many ads you will display

  • Save

That’s it. Quite Simple :-).
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