After a While

It’s been a while since my last post in this blog. Almost a year without an update. I occasionally updating my personal blog (in Indonesian), but rarely for this blog.

There’s many things happened in my life. Surviving and growing up my IT business while facing a slow down threat from Covid-19 pandemic; Developing new business with banana farm and closing 2020 by being hospitalized due to Covid-19 illness.

2020 wasn’t the best year, if not the worst in terms of difficulties due to pandemic, but as life must goes on, I keep my activities and business plans going on while looking at new opportunities.

I started investing outside Indonesia by opening StashAway account in December 2019 and start actively adding balance in Januari 2020. In March 2020, I saw a sharp decline in returns, more than minus 10% from total investment. The biggest loss reach SGD 10K limit but I keep investing as usual. As long as I have an emergency fund, I tend to send most of undeposit fund to StashAway.

Investment losses gradually diminished in the following months and since mid-2020, my investment started to generate positive returns. The wheel is back on track.

The pandemic also opens up new opportunities. Beside an IT business, I can expand my farming portfolio. In February 2020, I started banana farm project : began to clear the farm, cut down wild trees, removing unproductive banana trees, preparing planting holes and burn wild grass and dried leaves. A month later, first banana seed been planted.

Growing bananas without experience and learning by doing, coupled with seeing recommended banana farming from text book and Youtube videos keep me busy until end of year.

At the end of the year, all hard work finally paid off. Banana plant starting produce a bunch of bananas. More than enough for us and I started thinking about the idea of making a small banana shop.

In November 2020, I started “Kios Aneka Pisang Zeze Zahra”, a small fruit shop specializing in bananas as my new project to sell banana from our banana farm.

I’ll be write more in next post, hopefully 🙂

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