Muhammad Rivai

Zeze Zahra’s Chicken Farm: From 10 to 1000 in 6 Months

KUB chicken is a new breed of village chicken resulting from genetic selection by the research team at the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian, Balitbangtan). This new breed of chicken is called the ayam Kampung Unggul Balitbangtan (Balitbangtan Superior Village Chicken), abbreviated as KUB chicken. Zeze Zahra started…

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Mindset and Self-Improvement

At my small company, Excellent (PT Excellent Infotama Kreasindo) and Aktiva (PT Aktiva Kreasi Investama), most of the team members are young adults. Their ages are mostly below 30 years old, some even below 25 or 20 years old. From a technical standpoint, I have no doubt about their speed and ability. Their speed in…

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