Muhammad Rivai

Blogging in English

I got domain from Cosa Aranda, as gift to my posting about his blog 2 or 3 months ago. In the first time, I dedicated this domain to write an article in English, mainly about Serendipity Blog & Adsense. After inactive posting for such months, I change my decision about this domain used for….

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Serendipity Blog Installation

Installing Serendipity blog engine is quite easy and need a few step only. Serendipity need webserver with MySQL or PostgreSQL and PHP Support. If you install Serendipity on your local computer, you may use XAMPP. Click here for XAMPP installation assistance. Below are step-by-step how to install your Serendipity blog : 1. Download Serendipity blog…

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Serendipity for your Adsense Blog

I used Serendipity blog for about 2 years and started 3 months ago I tried to add Google Adsense to my blog. Serendipity seems to fit with our requirement to make our blog profitable with Google Adsense and another ads type. There is hundreds blog engine but I’ve satisfied with Serendipity blog due to my…

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