Beautiful Blogger Template : Part 1

Making a blog or website with our domain and hosting has a lot of advantage. We can choose themes, create different layouts and other flexibility. The same experience will be hard to find if we use the free blog service like Blogger, WordPress, Multiply and other similar blog service.
So, why have so many people choose a free blog than using their own hosted blog? There are enough reasons for it and some of them are as follows:

  1. Free. Although the price of the domain and hosting is cheap, certainly much cheaper if we choose the free service, isn’t it ?
  2. Simple. We do not need any manual configuration for preparing domain and hosting
  3. Not worried about expired time of domain and hosting service
  4. We could create so many blog/website

Although we have only a limited functionality if we decided to use free blog service, it doesn’t mean we could not modify the layout for better interactivity and professional look. Below is some beautiful blogger themes that can be used to styling your blog service at blogspot:
The Daily Inspired – Antonio Lupetti
It was a good themes for professional service. Using magazine style and well known as popular themes for blogger.
Download themes
Transparency – Falcon Hive
Download themes
WP Polaroid- eBlog Templates
WP Polaroid is one of a few beautiful blogger themes. It has a header for displaying headline news or featured article
Download themes
Zinmag Primus – Falcon Hive
Download themes
FTW – Flisterz

Simple but effective. It’s a good themes for ads oriented blog.
Download themes
Outdoorsy – Falcon Hive

I love Outdoorsy. 2 column themes with customized navigation at the header and give as a natural fresh style

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