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Yesterday, Mr. Yusril Ihza Mahendra asked me about offline blog editor to maintain his personal blog. He tried Microsoft Word to write his post and copy-paste it into his blog editor but this is not really quite simple. It still need some improper steps, and Microsoft Word format seems to be broken if moves to WordPress Editor. Another reason is about offline posting, because writing a long post entry would be better with offline method.

After searching for a while, Blogdesk and Scribefire maybe a suitable choice for him because he used Windows XP operating system. I’ve installed Firefox to replace his old browser (Internet Explorer 😀 ) so ScribeFire would be fit with his requirement. I don’t want to take another choice with Windows Live Writer because he just need the offline blog editor only, and previously I’ve suggested him about using Linux as his primary operating system :-D.

Currently, I used OpenSUSE as my primary OS, so I look around offline blog editor for Linux too. I need the offline blog editor which supported Serendipity and WordPress, those two of my blog engine. ScribeFire is OK, but I think it would be better if I get another choice. I’ve tried Drivel but I don’t like it’s layout.

Today I found about Bleezer. This is a Java based blog editor, so Bleezer available for Linux, Mac or even Windows. I’m quite happy with Bleezer because it supported Serendipity and WordPress. Just FYI, Serendipity used same API engine as provided by MovableType. You can found it’s API on

Here is the screenshot of Bleezer :

So, what is your favorite offline blog editor ?


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5 thoughts on “Bleezer, Offline Blog Editor for Linux

  1. Scribefire is my tool at the moment. Since most of my writing will include an URL, or I always have an open browser while i have a desire to write, Scribefire is an appropriate choice. it can save drafts as well, so it’s just great. However, I was once got my draft missing when firefox crashed.
    This Bleezer you were talking about seems nice. I’ll check it to see how valuable it is :). Thanks for the info.

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