Blogging in English

I got domain from Cosa Aranda, as gift to my posting about his blog 2 or 3 months ago. In the first time, I dedicated this domain to write an article in English, mainly about Serendipity Blog & Adsense.

After inactive posting for such months, I change my decision about this domain used for. From now, I want to make as my primary blog in English and will be write about multiple topics. I will make this domain as my English version from my blogs : Blog Vavai, Migrasi Windows-Linux and Tutorial Blog & Adsense. These blog written regurarly in Bahasa Indonesia.

I know, although I got an English Language lesson since junior high school, it’s dificult to me to write an english post easily. If you found some mistake(s) about grammar, syntax or another mistake, please feel free to notified me.

Welcome to "Blogging in English" World 🙂

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