Breaking Through the Success Barrier: Finding Your Path in a Crowded Field

You may have experienced a dilemma and a confusing situation: determining what field and job to focus on. Focusing on field A, it turns out that someone has already succeeded there. Focusing on field B, it turns out that someone has already mastered and is popular there. Focusing on field C, it turns out that there is already a successful pioneer there. So where should you focus and what should you do to be successful?

The answer is: Keep working and developing your skills. Creativity and success will come in various ways. Don’t believe me? These are not my words but the words of Sergey Brin.

Sergey Brin, one of the co-founders of Google, when asked about his journey and how he succeeded, answered that he did what he could:

“The more I do something, the more I trip on problems. The more I trip on problems, the greater the chance I will stumble upon success.”

That’s roughly what he said in the book “The Success Story of Google”.

It’s worth noting that Sergey Brin and Larry Page were not “overnight” successes with Google. Before creating Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page had their own achievements in the fields they were interested in. They had enough personal projects according to their interests. Some succeeded and some failed. All became good supplies when they started building Backrub, the precursor of Google.

The story above should be an inspiration for us that success can come in various ways. Don’t limit yourself on how success will come to us.

Sometimes a graduate of agriculture can become a successful businessman in the field of children’s clothing, or an engineer can be successful in the field of office supplies.

Don’t wait for success to come to us, but instead open the way in all possible directions so that the opportunity for success is also greater. Joining a community, developing personal initiatives, being an extroverted and adaptable person are part of efforts to open the way towards success.

If you like writing, write on various topics you want, later it will be seen which topics you and your readers like. If you are a musician, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a blogger or someone who likes gardening. There are many experiences that show that hobbies or side activities can become the main source of income or can open the way towards success.

When I think back on the journey of Excellent, I never even thought about starting a company when I graduated from high school or college. Excellent was formed from my hobby of writing on a blog, which then opened up business opportunities for training services and freelancing, until eventually the income from those activities could replace my salary from working at a company with more flexible time and a more enjoyable work pace.

During briefings at my small company Excellent, one of my favorite phrases is: “Do anything, try anything, as long as it’s positive and not criminal. We don’t know which side will lead our lives, but if we keep trying, it’s like water that will find a way to flow and get out of difficulty.”

Keep working, taking initiative, and trying until success comes in any way. Don’t wait, because we all know we don’t live forever…”

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