Building a Cabin House

Last year, I’ve built a plain cabin house (saung) on banana farm. Built in 2 weeks, it’s a simple building equipped with restroom and some basic tools, so my family and I have a place to relax while in the farm.

The cabin house was not completely meet with my requirement, as I need a full house just like a little house in the prairie 🙂 , but it is sufficient for my basic needs. In the morning, afternoon or evening, the atmosphere is cool and pleasant, the meal taste delicious and the relaxed atmosphere relieved my daily routine.

The problem is, while it has a nice view and very fun during the day, the atmosphere changes completely at night. It’s very quite and it even feels haunted at night 😀

My kids Zeze Vavai and Vivian told me that they don’t want to stay overnight there, so we enjoy during the day and packed out before dusk.

The experience lead me to build new cabin house on other place. My first choice is farm in the hills or mountains or plateau, with fresh air and beautiful landscape. The nearest area is Karawang and Purwakarta or Subang, but after comparing several places, I decided to pick a location in Karawang, not too far with current banana farm, a small place with rice fields at the backyard and a small river in front of the location, shaded by coconut trees.

I’ll be updating build progress of new cabin house on next update.

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