Building a Successful Daily Routine: Maintaining Trends and Habits

In the early days of February 2023, I tried to maintain the trends and habits that I had started since last month. Maintaining a structured lifestyle can lead to numerous benefits, not just for our personal growth but also for the overall well-being. By adhering to set routines, we can keep track of our progress and make necessary changes to improve our daily activities. I’m trying to maintain various habits such as exercising, writing a blog, memorizing, and learning new things.

By making small visualizations like this, I have a measurement level and can also prepare strategies for next step. This not only helps in maintaining the focus but also helps in avoiding any missed opportunities. I have a specific time frames for my activities such as writing a blog in the morning or memorizing quran verses at different times of the day. This emphasizes the importance of sticking to a set routine. For example, for sports, I do it early in the morning at 03:30. Usually, I do sports after drinking water with lemon or lime juice and before sahoor for alternate-day fasting. I usually write a blog in the morning after taking my daughter Vivian to school.

I am also trying to focus on learning new things and improving my skill set. With the fast-paced world and ever-evolving technology, it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends and skills to stay ahead. In this case, I keep focusing on learning programming languages, data science, and even non-IT aspects like goat and worm farming from the Youtube channel.

With a structured pattern and habits like this, I can easily measure progress and make it a routine activity that is already done without thinking too much.

The final benefits experienced are a combination of the benefits of each habit. I can participate in activities smoothly, sleep soundly, attend classes with enthusiasm, and learn many new things to be able to provide benefits to many people and at the end, contribute positively to society.

Stay enthusiastic!

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