Changing Half of the Rice Field into Agricultural Land

There is a rice field next to Zeze Zahra’s cabin house. Its location is between the cabin and the duck coop. Right on the edge of a small river. As I want to plant grass, papaya, and guava, I turned it into agricultural land.

First, I filled the mud with raw rice straw. Rice straw is used as a bottom base and also to make the mud denser and easier to dry. Next, the top of the rice straw is filled with soil. It took several hundred dump trucks to complete the land preparation.

The land preparation work was temporarily postponed due to repeated rain in the Batujaya area. In parallel, I planted cassava in a separate area and made a goat pen for the banana plantation manager. I also started making papaya seedlings as preparation. The area of ​​one rice field is about 1500-2000 square meters. Half of the land is around 800-1000 square meters, which is enough to plant a combination of fruit and other useful plants.

In the future, the cabin area can be integrated with the rice field, duck farm, fish pond, rice field, and farm. I also want to make a school in a separate area but parallel to the cabin If I have enough budget. If this agricultural land develops and has good productivity, I hope to be able to commercially utilize its agricultural products. Thus, this agricultural land can become a sustainable source of income.

I also hope this can be a role model for the surrounding community in terms of good and beneficial agricultural land management. Zeze Zahra can help the community understand the importance of utilizing agricultural land well, so it can improve their quality of life and help the government in the field of food and agriculture. The utilization of this rice field not only benefits my family but also the surrounding community and even the country as a whole.

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