Convenient Place for openSUSE Community Gathering in Indonesia

In November 2011, I bought about 400 square meters of land area. This land is intended as a comfortable place to work and also to conduct a community gathering. The place is around my birthplace in Tambun, Bekasi, a small town near Jakarta, Indonesia
I plan to move my start-up company operations there, with natural office among the tropical gardens. Its construction took about 8 months, starting from land leveling, creation of building libraries for children, making a fish pond and plantingtropical fruit trees.
In September, this place is ready to be used, though I’ve used it sporadically since May 2012, especially for unofficial events. To celebrate the opening of this place, I held a community gathering to discuss the implementation of Active DirectoryServer Using Samba 4 on openSUSE/SLES.
The gatherings attended by about 30 participants who came from surrounding cities around Bekasi, such as Jakarta, Bogor and Bandung. Some of them took about 2-3 hours to reach the site due to the long distances between their city with Bekasi. They are willing to come because they are attracted to the material being discussed.
I’ve written the material discussed at the gathering : Tutorial : Building Active Directory Server, Domain Controller & File Server with Excellent Samba 4 Appliance). Some colleagues suggest improvements related to the implementation of Active Directory-based server openSUSE/SLES and a request for an appliance based on SUSE Studio for 32 bit architecture.
Due to the success of last gathering, I will be holding new gathering next month, with different subject but still related to the usability of openSUSE/SLES incorporate environments.
if you plan to visit Indonesia for vacation or business trip in next month (or in the following months) and would like to join the gathering with us, please contact my email address 🙂

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