Converting Paddy Field to Farm: Preparing Land for Fruit and Odot Grass Planting

When Zeze Zahra first made her cabin house, the environment was quite barren because of the wild trees and bushes being cut down. The area was then planted with fruit trees and after a year, the fruit trees grew vigorously and appeared dense.

Because Zeze Zahra wants to plant Odot grass (a variant of Pennisetum purpureum, known as Dwarf Elephant Grass or Mott Elephant Grass), fruit plants, and other plants, we need additional land. The surroundings of Zeze Zahra’s cabin house consist of paddy fields, so eventually half a paddy field was used as additional land. Currently, the paddy field is being plowed and the soil is being compacted for future use as a farm.

In the future, this new land will be used to plant odot grass, papaya, and guava. Odot grass is planted as part of the plan to develop a goat farming business, while papaya and crystal apples are planted as fruit plants that can be enjoyed relatively quickly.

What does the plowed land look like? Check out the following video :

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