Yoga Studio

My wife and I took Yoga practice since last year. It started as simple workout as we rarely took special time to physical exercise. We use a small space beside our entertainment and our daughter room. The place is quite narrow, we have to adjust and wait for our partner completing a yoga pose.

The situation lead me to think other alternative. We don’t want to go to Yoga studio out there as it took time and add unnecessary obstacles that can weaken the spirit of exercise :-). Our instructor has agreed to come to our place so I would prefer to create our own yoga room.

We have a spacious unused room which is quite adequate to be used as a yoga room. The room used to be my team’s working space before we move to our current office since 2014. We clear out the room at the end of December 2019. Some computers, chair, table and all the equipment were donated and the rest were given to my brother.

Clear out the room
Starting the project
Work in Progress
Finishing process
Quality Control 🙂
Last QC, before clean up the glass and remove unnecessary equipment

It took a while to completing overall project as we must deal with some bad weather (flood at the beginning of the year) but the final result good enough to me. We do not remove all equipment in the room-let say previous air conditioner and window-as we need to adjust with our tight budget.

Atha yoga nusasanam : now is the time for yoga. Let’s get started 😀

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