Day #2 of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

This is the second day of my journey to build a better blog. Actually, this post has slip out of my schedule because I have an offline agenda on Saturday and Sunday and I have no chance to post any blog post.
Second advice to build a better blog is trying to write a list post. So, what a list post is talking about?
List post is a set of summary, tips, technique, how-to, etc that written on a group of bullet or numbering. List post is a nice tips and  convenient way to attract your visitor about the content summarize. You may found so many list post all around blogosphere, with or without explicitly pick a number in post title as below :

  1. 20 Linux Server Hardening Security Tips
  2. Improving Zimbra Anti Spam on openSUSE
  3. 20 More Free First-Class WordPress Themes
  4. 10 Essential Tricks for Admin, How to be a more productive Linux systems administrator
  5. Popular Digital Camera & Gear

You may found similar post type as above on a list of popular site like Digg, Delicious, Technorati, etc. People may like it because it looks neat, easy to understand, easy to share and simple. Beware that list post may attract your visitor attention but it may becoming unusable if you bombing them with so many list post. Write list post as a variation of our regular post.
Second advice of 31 days to build a better blog give me an insight how to make a proper title to get visitor attention and then refer them to our list post. I’ve published the #2 homework for the project : an article about 7 Lightweight Linux Browsers You may want to Consider for Fast Browsing Experience 🙂

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