Dedicated Server from for Backup Storage

One important thing that has always been my concern is the backup data from all servers I’m currently manage. In total, I have 4 hosting server, all are at different provider : Linode, DigitalOcean, VPSDime and on my self-manage co location server at Jakarta. I also have quite a lot of  VPS providing Zimbra managed services with a variety of disk space.
In short, I need much backup space for emergency and recovery. Most of VPS providers provide backup services, yet the price is quite expensive and I think it would be cheaper for providing it on different method : pick some services from VPS backup (storage) provider or hosted on my own.
Actually, my purpose are rather simple : I need SSH services for rsync on server with much storage even if using low end specs. I’ve comparing some provider for this, such as Backupsy, Vultr and OVH. Backupsy entry level package with 500 GB disk space, 512 MB RAM and 2TB Bandwidth will charge me 20$/month. Similar specs at different locations (NL and UK)  even more expensive, about 30$/month.

Vultr has specific storage instance on limited locations. Lowest storage instance on Vultr start with 5$ for 1 CPU, 512 MB RAM, 125 GB disk and 1 TB bandwidth. Nearest location in Asia is Tokyo Japan, provide similar specs but with lower bandwidth-400 GB compared with 1 TB as at USA locations. Comparing with Backupsy lowest package, Vultr has significant advantage. For 20$ on Tokyo location, Vultr give us 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB disk and 1.2 TB bandwidth.
Eventually, I decided to choose dedicated server on for my backup storage. Choosing Dedibox XC 2015 give me a dedicated server withIntel® C2750 (Avoton) 8C / 8T @2.4 Ghz, 8 GB RAM and 1 TB SATA disk for about €15.99/month and additional €20.00 for setup fee, one time charge only. Their location are on Europe but has a decent network speed from my server locations. 
According to their specs, I think it would better to setup the server as virtualization host and create some small VM for DNS slave or others small purpose. Unfortunately, additional IPs are available for Business Level Support only and not available for Basic Level Support as included on their package. Business Level cost are  €20 pre-tax/month exclude Ip’s cost and IP’s setup fee (max 5 IPv4 addresses, €1.99/month/address with Set-up fees €2.99/address), quite expensive for small purpose only. I ended up installing CentOS 6 for host some stuff and activating SSH and rsync server for backup.
As compensation for dedicated server cost, I disable some backup service subscription so I could save every penny. I can remove subscription for separated backup VPS and move some services to the dedicated box. Not a bad thing for the same cost but with more advantage values 😉

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