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I’m not a web designer nor web programmer but I’m a web design lover. I often browsing the web only for finding good design as new idea to develop a brand new website. With a fewer knowledge upon web design, I always use professional service to do what I mean regarding website development.  Blog popularity and the development of it’s themes & templates helped me a lot for finding another good design with cheap or less price.
Nevertheless, how if I want to design my personal website with all of stuff closed with my requirement without worried about technical design ? Is this possible to use some application to build a professional web design with less knowledge ? Website builder is an answer for my requirement.
Website builder is an application for building instant website without worry with technical design. I have an experience with popular website builder called Microsoft Front Page in the past but I’m unhappy and not really comfortable with it’s quality. The result was quite  standard.  The wizard itself was smart enough to fit with my requirement but the feature are too limited.
Yesterday I accidentally found a new application tools for create website.  called BlueVoda. It’s a windows based website builder. I’m installing the application inside Linux openSUSE over CrossOver Office professional
Installation process only need a few step. In a few minutes later, I could accessing the application and starting build web design.
Although it’s the first time I’m using BlueVoda, the instruction was smart enough and clear. Drag & drop wizard guided me for designing my first website by my own hand. Beside standard features, BlueVoda also attached pre-designed which could be used for web design format later.
If you wish build the web design by your hand without worry  with technical details, try BlueVoda

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