Favorite Banana Type for Snack

This is a favorite type of banana grown in the backyard of Zeze Zahra’s cabin in Batujaya Karawang, Indonesia. Its type is Morosebo/Cavendish Dwarf/Pisang Cebol.

Although many farmers do not want to plant it because the fruit is easy to “roll” or fall off the plucking stem so it is less intriguing for the buyer, I and my family love it because of its sweet and soft taste. This banana is also often used as an ingredient for making cakes because of its fragrant aroma.

I also often make it as the main ingredient for dried bananas, because the level of sweetness makes this type of banana still special even if it is already dried.

For family or relatives visiting us in our cabin house, this banana is also often used as a location for taking photos, because the tree is not too tall with many fruits that can be reached by even young children.

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