Gardening Tips: Growing Spinach and Water Spinach in Limited Space

Spinach and water spinach are easy-to-grow vegetables. Sometimes, wild-grown spinach and water spinach are even more fertile than those we plant. Nevertheless, it is still better to plant spinach and water spinach to optimize the results.

Here are the tips:

  1. Prepare raised beds or land area. The raised bed’s width is about 1 meter, and the length can be adjusted. Sizes like 1 x 2 meters or 1 x 3 meters are adequate. The edges of the raised bed can be made using bricks, lightweight concrete, or concrete blocks.
  2. Ensure that the raised beds receive direct sunlight. Spinach and water spinach need direct sunlight to grow well.
  3. Hoe the inside of the raised bed to a depth of 20-30 cm. If you prefer not to hoe, ensure the planting media is sufficient for the spinach roots and water spinach.
  4. Fill the planting media with soil, fermented manure (matured and not hot), and burnt rice husks. The ratio can be 1:1:1.
  5. For optimal growth, spray the raised beds with a solution of liquid fertilizer such as bioboost or EM4 agricultural with a dosage of 10 ml per 1 liter of water, then cover with a thin layer of soil and let it sit for three days.
  6. Spread the spinach/water spinach seeds. You can create rows to keep them organized or spread them evenly. Cover the seeds with kitchen ash or ash from burning (which is cold and old). Besides covering the seeds during germination, kitchen ash also serves as a fungicide and natural fertilizer.
  7. If there’s no kitchen ash, you can also sprinkle cocopeat or other fine media on top. Just sprinkle thinly so that the seeds can grow without being weighed down.
  8. Water and fertilize periodically. Water with a watering can or sprinkler to prevent damage to spinach or water spinach from watering. Since spinach and water spinach are leafy vegetables, use leaf fertilizers such as urea mixed according to the dosage. For a 1 x 2 or 1 x 3 meter plot, only a few spoonfuls of urea are needed until harvest.

Spinach and water spinach can generally be harvested within one month. They are suitable for planting in the yard to meet the family’s vegetable needs, as a sideline activity, hobby, and for family health.

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