Getting Back on Track: The Benefits of Alternate Fasting and Exercise Habits

I started trying to do several things simultaneously regularly since the first week of December 2022. The regular parallel activities consist of:

  • Alternate fasting
  • Exercise every morning or evening
  • Reduce food intake (reduce rice consumption, no ice, no sugar, no fast food, no instant noodles and more boiled foods-Reduce fried foods)

Does the result always run smoothly? Not always. Like my favorite quote: “Al Imanu Yazidu Wa Yanqusu” which means “faith can rise and fall”, can increase or decrease, so too with the spirit and habits that are tried, can also be smooth and also hindered.

For example, on January 13th and 14th 2023, I did not reach my daily exercise target because I was too tired. I also missed many target from January 16th to 23rd.

Then during the Imlek (Chinese new year) holiday, many exercise schedules were also missed. I also ate more because I visited my family’s house in Sentul, Bogor, and then stayed in a hotel. The relaxed atmosphere plus the dinner buffet and Imlek breakfast menu made me eat more than usual.

However, when I checked the scale, my weight at the most was 76-77. After fasting again, the weight stabilized at 74-75. Blood pressure is also within the normal range, averaging 115-120 and the highest approaching 140 for systolic while the average for diastolic is 70 and the highest is 85.

If the train gets off the track, it’s difficult to get it back on the track.

If the fasting schedule and exercise schedule become disrupted, it’s difficult to start the routine again. But that’s the main benefit of David’s fasting. We can more easily get back on the right track. We can start fasting again anytime, any day. Don’t have to wait until Monday next or Thursday next or a certain day.

Because of fasting, I can also get the exercise schedule back to normal. Maintaining the rhythm (streak) is not contaminated by failure to achieve the target. It’s a shame if you have been consecutively achieving the target but one time jumping because we are not consistent.

Another benefit is the enthusiasm for activities. I can continue the habit of writing. Start learning a new programming language (Python). Can learn new things. Can plan land expansion plans at the Zeze Zahra cabin house. Can plan a business line and new business ideas. Can return to regularly memorizing some verses in short chapter 30. Can remain fresh and enthusiastic in attending night classes or weekend replacement classes. Can do tasks with an open mind and gain new knowledge.

Don’t give up when we encounter obstacles or challenges. Challenges are inevitable. Our ability to overcome these challenges and then be motivated to prevent them from happening again will bring many benefits to our lives.

Habits take repetition. Habits need to be developed. Behavior is not enough to just be spoken. There must be implementation. There must be application. There must be a spirit of improvement to overcome what hinders and then move forward with greater motivation.

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