Hidden Camera for Home Protection and Detective Activities :-)

tissue-box-hidden-cameraMy interesting dream since childhood is becoming a detective, investigating crime or making an observation about an object.  To make this a reality, I buy some handy-talkie and device for special purpose like hidden camera or pen with secret ink (ink without color, to read it I must heat the letter paper).
For now, the memory still exist with different approach. I’m thinking  similar method but it’s all about home and personal protection. Me and my wife are a worker and we usually let our home empty. My son play with his grandfather and grandmother so often worries about the security of my home.
Taking a CCTV is an option to protect my home from thief or something like that but I dont want to make it too complicated. Hidden camera for home protection is a way better because it doesn’t too complicated and easy to use.
I think the hidden camera is like a normal webcam that will make a screenshot certain circumstances, but in fact there are many variations of hidden camera. From the storage, for example, there are a hidden camera  with the storage media integrated and the results can be transferred to the memory card. Other types can be directly connected with other devices. Others type can be even more accessible from the internet so that we easily observe the house without having to worry on the safety aspect.
if you want to find any kind of hidden camera and the desired, you may browse security website with special content  about Hidden Camera
Secret Agent Camcorder Watch is my preferred choice to buy. Good looking with specific purpose. You would looks like  James Bond if you use this watch 🙂

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