How To : Samba PDC+OpenLDAP on openSUSE/SLES Part 1

I have written Samba PDC+OpenLDAP tutorial on openSUSE on previous article but the tutorial are based on manual configuration and need too many steps to make it usable. Now, I want to share how to make Samba PDC+OpenLDAP on openSUSE or SLES with automatic configuration using the YAST way 🙂 . The tutorial should be easy to understand and and need a few step to make it ready for testing.
Install openSUSE 11.2 with or without GUI, choose which one suitable for your purpose. I’m using a GUI example because this tutorial intended for student 🙂 . a Minimal server selection (text mode) maybe a better option for production server. Please refer to openSUSE 11.2 installation guide if you need an assistance regarding openSUSE installation.
Lucky for Indonesian 😀 , I’ve written a PDF tutorial with clear explanation regarding openSUSE installation for this purpose  : Tutorial Instalasi openSUSE 11.2 Versi Server Berbasis GUI
Follow these wizard to install and configure LDAP server :

  1. Open YAST | Software | Software Management
  2. Choose View | Pattern
  3. Scroll to Server Function
  4. Give a checked mark on File Server, DHCP and DNS Server, Directory Server (LDAP)
  5. Click Accept
  6. openSUSE should be automatically detect dependency package. Click Continue to install selected package
  7. Close YAST and then open again. I take this step to make sure YAST refresh new package installation and add to it’s menu
  8. Choose YAST | Network Service | LDAP Server
  9. Click Yes on Start LDAP Server. Give it a check mark on Open Port in Firewall if you use firewall. Leave others as is and then click Next
  10. Click Enable TLS and then create TLS Certificate by using Launch CA Management Module button and follow the wizard. Leave it unchecked if you wish to use LDAP without TLS connection.
  11. On basic database setting fill in the default database setting :
    [code language=’cpp’]
    Database Type : hdb
    Base DN : dc=domainname, dc=tld
    Example :
    If my  domain =, configuration will be like this : Base DN = dc=vavai, dc=co, dc=id
    If my domain =, configuration will be like this : Base DN = dc=vavai, dc=com
    Administrator DN : cn= Administrator. Leave Append Base DN option checked
    Don’t forget to fill your LDAP Password
    Also, leave a check mark on  “Use this database as the default for OpenLDAP”
    Click Next if all setting has been completed.
  12. Click Finish


  1. Open YAST | Network Services | LDAP Server
  2. Click Schema Files on left pane menu
  3. Click Add and add Samba3.Schema so we will have following LDAP Schema : schema, core, cosine, inetorgperson, rfc2307bis,yast and samba3
  4. Click OK

Next Tutorial are LDAP Client Configuration

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