How To : Samba PDC+OpenLDAP on openSUSE/SLES Part 2 (Finish)

Previous tutorial : Samba PDC+OpenLDAP on openSUSE/SLES Part 1, Setting LDAP Server


  1. Click YAST | Network Services | LDAP Client
  2. Click Use LDAP pada User Authentication
  3. Fill in Address with server IP or by using as default address
  4. Mark  LDAP TLS/SSL option checked if you choose to use TLS/SSL on previous tutorial, or vice versa, leave it unchecked if you choose to not use TLS on previous tutorial 
  5. Fill in LDAP Base DN (dc=namadomain, dc=tld, ex : dc=vavai,dc=co,dc=id). You may also get the LDAP Base DN by clicking  Fetch DN button
  6. Leave others option as is
  7. Click Advanced Configuration
  8. Change Password Change Protocol to MD5
  9. Leave option Group Member Attribute = Member unchanged

  10. Click Administration Setting
  11. Fill in cn=Administrator on Administrator DN. Don’t forget to give a check on Append Base DN option
  12. Mark a check on Create Default Configuration Objects option
  13. Click OK
  14. Click OK


  1. Open YAST | Network Services | Samba Server
  2. Fill in workgroup/domain name on first wizard. I’m usingdomain as my workgroup name. Click Next
  3. On Samba Server Type option, choose Primary Domain Controller (PDC). Click Next
  4. On start-up tab, choose Service Start During Boot option, so Samba will automatically started on boot. Don’t forget to click Open Port in Firewall if you use firewall on intranet zone
  5. Move to LDAP Setting tab.
  6. Click on Use LDAP Password Back-End
  7. Fill in  Administrator DN and password setting (cn=Administrator,dc=vavai,dc=co,dc=id, adjust it with your domain name). Click Test Connection to test LDAP server connection. If test result is failed, recheck your configuration setting.
  8. Click OK and then fill in Samba root /Administrator password


  1. Click on YAST | Security and Users | User & Group Management
  2. Click Expert Options | LDAP User & Group Configuration option on bottom-right-corner menu
  3. Fill in LDAP Admin password (see whether your bind DN configuration has setup correctly)
  4. Move to Configuration Module, and then choose  userconfiguration
  5. Change susemaxpasswordlength with your maximum password length
  6. Change suseminpasswordlength with your minimum password length
  7. Change susepasswordhash from SSHA to  SMD5
  8. Click OK
  9. Click on Set Filter option on top-right-corner menu and choose LDAP Users. This will display all LDAP user list, currently are empty because we have create any user yet
  10. Click Add
  11. Fill in user profile and password
  12. Click OK

Restart all service (or reboot your computer) to test all the service. f you wish to join Windows workstation into Samba PDC+LDAP domain, use the Samba root user name and password as Administrator user. Share folder, Profile, netlogon and custom setting could be modified within YAST | Network Services | Samba Server. Samba LDAP user could be added or modify with the above procedure using YAST | Security & Users | User & Group Management.

9 thoughts on “How To : Samba PDC+OpenLDAP on openSUSE/SLES Part 2 (Finish)

  1. Another Great tutorial =D
    There is just one problem, when I try to join the Windows XP machine to the PDC/LDAP it gives an error “DNS name does not exist”. but when i go to the domain name with my windows XP browser it says that its using a samba server bla bla so that part works.. my DNS is also functioning and DHCP to. pinging works to al the servers.
    Do you happen to know what i did wrong?

  2. @Rado,
    Thank you for the reference. DNS will help much to connect client into proper server services. I would like to updating my tutorial to also covering DNS installation & setup for PDC purpose.

  3. comparing this tutorial to “Tutorial : Samba PDC + OpenLDAP on openSUSE 11.1 “, parts that are obviously missing are the configuration of dhcp and dns servers. i have problems joining windows clients to the pdc after doing everything in this tutorial and would like to get some advice from you experts.
    1. i have a sles11 machine setup as a ldap/samba server. i can access the samba shares from other machines on the LAN. however, i cannot joing windows7 clients to the PDC. The “welcome to the TEST domain” msg shows up but after the client is rebooted, the client cannot talk to the PDC and reports a “trust relationship between this workstaton and the PD failed” error.
    2. what is the use of DHCP server and DNS server in this setup? Do i need DHCP and DNS servers if all my clients have static IP assigned by some corporate router over which i don’t have control? If yes, how do i configure them?
    Thanks for great tutorial. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me here.

  4. I have everything set up but for some reason my dns never works properly for PDC authentication. does anybody know why?? or if there is a really good cheat out there. is dns supose to be setup first last is there an order to get it all to work togeather?

  5. I have everything set up but for some reason my dns never works properly for PDC authentication. does anybody know why?? or if there is a really good cheat out there. is dns supose to be setup first last is there an order to get it all to work togeather?

  6. Created PDC using this manual on OpenSuSE 11.3. Did DNS config by my own and could join domain with all Windows machines (even Windows 7) and linux boxes – together ~50 units.
    Until one moment could join new PCs to domain and right now on trying to join – i receive “access denied”. No passwd changes for Admin user or other config changes. Could any update packages cause this problem?!
    Samba version 3.5.4!

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