Indonesian openSUSE Monthly Meeting #14

Picture credited to Emrah Rasa
Indonesian openSUSE Community monthly meeting will be held towards the end of February 2009. It was planned for last saturday but I could not preparing much time, so better to move the date of meeting for successful agenda. Meeting will discuss some agenda as proposed  through the mailing list.
Here are details of the meeting :
Date :  Saturday, February 28, 2009
Time : 14.00 WIB  (GMT+7)
Place : Grha Pemuda & Olah Raga (Youth & Sports Building), Senayan Jakarta.
Discussion Agenda:

  1. Planning for Active Directory, Samba & File Server  Training by Muhammad Yamin(currently the leader of Indonesian openSUSE Community)
  2. Workaround for openSUSE 11.1 problem (Dvd writer, Bluetooth, Sound, etc) by Muhammad Edwin Zakaria (Medwinz, openSUSE member)
  3. KDE 4 Tips & trick by Edy Purwanto  (currently secretary-general of Indonesian openSUSE Community 😀 )
  4. Apache Web Server & Virtual Host setup tutorial  by Vavai
  5. Using YAST2 – Proxy Server for easy setup & managing Squid Proxy  Server

To register, email us your information with the subject “Registration of Kopdar #14 openSUSE -ID” to opensuse at
I’m preparing a bulk copies of openSUSE 11.1, 11.0 and 10.3; a set package DVD Repository which contains a non-oss, oss and packman repositories on 6 DVD of 4.7 GB, 11.1 LiveDVD with KDE 4.3 development and a set tutorial about my presentation regarding Apache Web Server & Virtual Host on openSUSE.
If you have any comment or need further information, please submit via the comment page. See you next Saturday.

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