Indonesian OpenSUSE Repository for Packman & Guru

geekoIt’s a great news. Fajran help me to realize local repository for Packman and Guru, popular add-on repository for OpenSUSE. Both repository contains such software and library which didn’t include in the main OpenSUSE CD/DVD, due to it’s license or another reason.

The Packman and Guru for Indonesian repository located at Kambing. We need some simple steps to add these popular repository :1. Open YAST
2. Click on Software | Installation Source
2. Choose Add, select HTTP Protocol
3. Fill this requirement :

Packman Repository
Server Name :
Directory : /opensuse-packman/suse/10.2/

Guru Repository
Server Name :
Directory : /opensuse-guru/rpm/10.2/

4. Click Next until Finish

Packman and Guru’s repository contains popular multimedia codecs (MP3, AVI, WAV and another propietary library). When activating Komunitas OpenSUSE Indonesia for the first time a few days ago, some members sent me an email about Packman & Guru’s request, so this is a good news to Indonesian OpenSUSE fans.

I will download and bundled these repository into CD or DVD (I most prefered to DVD due to it’s size), so another people can used it without online to the internet.

Thanks to Fajran and TUMA-Kambing crew.

2 thoughts on “Indonesian OpenSUSE Repository for Packman & Guru

  1. I would love to download the Packman repository as a DVD
    Could you build it into a ISO and make available for download? i will gladly mirror the download!

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