Installing openSUSE 12.1 from Existing openSUSE/SLES Without CD/DVD

openSUSE 12.1 (and also prior version) can be installed without using a cd or dvd. This is the most efficient way if we have running system and do not want to waste a cd/dvd. This also the most efficient way if  we have prior version and want to upgrade or clean install running system directly through the network. We can use a brilliant script called setupgrubfornfsinstall.

How to use this small script to fit with our requirement ?

  1. If you have fast and stable Internet connection, skip step 2. We can directly usenetwork installation by using as base installation source
  2. Preparing network installation source.  I’m using http installation source by mounting openSUSE 12.1 64 bit ISO image onto apache root folder directory. Server has ip address and I mount the iso file to a folder /srv/www/htdocs/12.1 so my repository can be accessed via an http address
  3. Download the script (Right clik and save as). I make a backup of script on my blog : 
  4. Run the script with the following command :
    1.chmod +x
  5. Follow the instructions given by the wizard
  6. Step 1 : Choose either x86 or x86_64 architecture. The initial wizard will be shown if your system supporting the x86_64 architecturenetinstall-0
  7. Step 2 : Choose installation source. I choose “Specify URL manually” for current scenario, although I can choose another option (SLP or internet install from
  8. Type the address of the repository as noticed on  the second step, on mine :
  9. Select the most convenient  screen resolution based on your preferences
  10. Klik OK and wait until finished
  11.  finally, reboot your computer and choose network installation from GRUB menu while rebooting system
Installation process will continue as well as installing openSUSE by using cd/dvd

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