Installing Zimbra Mail Server on SLES 11 SP1 64 bit in less than 30 Minutes-Part 1

The following article will explain about the quick and easy tutorial : how to installing Zimbra Mail Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 64 bit. I will use the Minimal Server Appliance in this tutorial to simplify the installation process. Here are some notes related to the server setting :

  1. WARNING : This guide using Preload ISO and will erase the entire contents ofhard disk!  If you do not want to delete your existing data, consider usingVirtualization server or use ISO-LiveCD.
  2. Zimbra server will be using a private IP which will be translated into public IP using NAT
  3. Zimbra will be setting up using Split-DNS concept. This means that in the internal network, mail server will be recognized based on a private IP network, while from the outside will be recognized based on the public IP. For this purpose, the internal DNS will be set up in Zimbra Mail Server
  4. Zimbra Fully Qualified Domain Name :, private IP :


Estimated time : 5 minutes
  1. Download Minimal Server Appliance, choose Harddisk/Preload ISO appliance type
  2. Burn the ISO onto blank CD


Estimated time : 5 minutes
  1. Turn on the computer with a CD/DVD ROM as first boot option
  2. You will be greeted with the first appearance of Appliance. Select the menu:“Install/Restore Minimal Server Appliance” and press ENTER
  3. Click Yes on the choice : “Destroying ALL data on /dev/sdx, Continue?”. WARNING, think before act! :-)
  4. Minimal Server Appliance will be installed to the physical machine.
  5. Minimal Server Appliance will automatically run after the installation process is complete. Type Y at the question : “Do you Accept the EULA?”
  6. Login with user name : root and password : opensuse.

Estimated time : 3 minutes

  1.  Type: YaST lan on the console/terminal to starting network configuration using YAST
  2. Press ALT+I to configure network card. Fill in the IP address, subnet mask and hostname. Note : The letters in yellow can be accessed by pressing ALT + the letter. You can also using tab to switch between one option to another option
  3. Click Next and then move to Hostname & DNStab. Setup your hostname, your domain, Name Server 1,2 & 3 and domain search. Remember that I am using split DNS and create a local DNS server so Name Server 1 =  Zimbra Server, Name Server 2 = My Router and Name Server 3 = Public DNS Server (OpenDNS . You can also use Google’s DNS- Name Server 3
  4. Move to Routing tab and fill the Default Gateway with  your router address
  5. Press ALT+O or press on OK to close and update your network configuration

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