Intel NUC NUC817HVK Hades Canyon VR Edition

Last Friday I received a package containing the Intel NUC Hades Canyon series NUC817HVK VR Edition. This is one of the Intel NUC series with a qualified specification suitable for virtualization server, especially for VMware vSphere and Proxmox.

With an Intel Core i7-8809G and Radeon VGA, I bought 32 GB RAM (VGEN 16 GB SODIMM DDR4 PC 2400) and 2 Sata M2 SSD disks of 512 GB each. Equipped with many USB ports, 2 thunderbolt ports, an HDMI port and two gigabit network ports, this series is a dream series for working and playing games.

After arriving on Friday night and installing RAM and disks, I immediately made it as a lab server for VMware vSphere 6.7 on Saturday morning.

 The performance is really cool. I made two vSphere 6.7 nested (based on William Lam public template library) each with 8 GB of memory, then made one vCenter Server Appliance with 10 GB RAM with almost no delay experienced and the performance stable enough. With one Hades Canyon I can easily simulate the vSphere cluster.

Priced at around 16 million rupiah without RAM and disks ($999 price list excluding shipping and customs fees), the price of the Intel NUC Hades Canyon is indeed a premium class (precisely the Pertamax class ?), but by making it part of the investment assets, I think the value of the investment is quite appropriate.

Besides being used for simulations while teaching , I will also use the Intel NUC Hades Canyon to work at home, when I have no intention of using a laptop. With a 512GB SSD M2 disk, the form is relatively small and can be installed behind the monitor and with minimal sound (quiet without noise), this Intel mini PC is truly in line with my expectations.

With the Radeon RX Vega M GH VGA, Hades Canyon can be used to play games that need good graphics performance. For those who like graphic design, it might also be used for rendering images or for editing videos.

I rarely buy items that are expensive like this, but if the functions and uses are reasonable as well as multi-functional, I make it possible to accommodate them and put this budget into a “personal investment” budget 🙂

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