Investing Like It should be : StashAway

I began to think about moving some investment amount outside of Indonesia as part of hedge fund and risk distribution, inline with my FIRE project. It’s been a while since my last post but I still keep my FIRE goal and keep investing each month.

Starting December 2019, I learn new investment opportunity like Robo Advisor and choose StashAway as my first investment outside Indonesia. The registration process quite simple. It only took a few days from registering account to approval process by using my passport detail. I choose StashAway Singapore instead of Malaysia as it homebase in Singapore and it has no branch in Indonesia.

I need to deposit fund before start investing with StashAway and it turn to be an easy step, as I can use my DBS account (Digibank) to send my fund to StashAway DBS Account. It took a while for my initial deposit as their confirmation going to my anti spam quarantine folder but the next deposit almost instantly appear on my account dashboard.

To keep it inline with my FIRE goal, I choose goal-based investing and create initial 2 investment portfolio. Plan for Retirement for retirement with StashAway Risk Index 22% and Equities Investing portfolio as my higher aggressive investment with StashAway Risk Index 26%.

StashAway Risk Index (SRI) is the measurement they use to determine how much risk their system should expose us to, which then determines our portfolio’s asset allocation. Here’s an example: a StashAway portfolio with $100,000 and a StashAway Risk Index of 10% has a 99% probability of not losing more than 10%, or $10,000 in a year. In other words, there is 99% probability that your portfolio’s value won’t decrease below $90,000 if you select a 10% StashAway Risk Index.

Later in February 2020, I added 2 new goal-based investing portfolio for my child education fund, called Zeze Vavai University Fund and Vivian University Fund.

As I started investing while Covid-19 began to spread to the world, I manage to see my portfolio up and down like roller-coaster. I have small unrealized profit at early 2020 but ended in unrealized loss at the end of the month. I got almost 6% unrealized profit in the middle of February 2020 but ended with almost 4% unrealized loss due to Covid-19 pandemic fear.

While Covid-19 leave uncertainty to short investment result, I keep calm as almost all of investment are long term investment and I have some experience against uncertainty on my stock portfolio in Indonesian equities since 2013 🙂

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