Investment and Relaxation : Paddy Fields

I grew up in a countryside, a kampung (village) at a small district near Jakarta, with beautiful scenery and peaceful environment. As my small district getting bigger, I lost most of the scenery and rarely see paddy fields which was very common in my childhood.

Last year, I have an opportunity to get similar experience, combine both investment and relaxation as I experienced as child : bought some paddy fields and took it as investment diversification.

It’s only a small investment but I got a good price per square meter as the seller is father-in-law of my brother. The land started with 3800 m2 and gradually getting bigger by added some land around it and end up about 7000 m2 in total.

There is various consideration why I bought paddy field. It wasn’t entirely investment but also for social and humanity. The main reason is for helping father-in-law of my brother, as he need quick cash for their family needs. The second consideration is investment and can be used for relaxation. Walking on the paddy field and looking for dragonfly or fish led me to childhood experiences. Last but not least, it can be a source of income for the some people as I asked them to manage and worked on the land.

Old but strong man :-). I asked him to manage and worked on the land

At the end of February 2020, I took a chance to visit the paddy field. It’s now the beginning of growing season and it has beautiful green scenery.

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