Januari 2021 Portfolio Update

2020 has been a challenging year, but thanks god, I finally made my first milestone for FIRE journey. As 2021 approaches (actually, it’s been a while as it is now February 2021 🙂 ), I decided to set 250K SGD as my portfolio target at the end of this year.

250K SGD is an optimistic amount as I will need more than 100K SGD in a year, considering my portfolio amount in last December was 136K SGD. I will use the similar path to achieve this target : adding a monthly regular savings plus transferring/moving cash from my investment on the Indonesian stock.

I made SGD 147,500 net deposit since inception, with SGD 14,339 total return including dividends, everything makes January 2021 as a good start with total portfolio SGD 161,839 at the end of the month.

Account Summary for January 2021
January 2021 Portfolio

Annual window dressing at the end of the year on Indonesian stock giving me enough cash to be deposit in January 2021. I sold most of the short-term stocks that were already making good profits, leaving my Indonesian stock portfolio mostly with long-term investment.

Honestly, it is uncommon thing to display the number of portfolios in Indonesian blog, but I do it as a way of achieving my desired target while still making it easier to track the progress each month. I learn from many FIRE (Financial Independence Retirement Early) blog that tracking net worth/portfolio each month will make sure the process continues on track and provide encouragement to get there.

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