I’m off for about 1-2 weeks from Indonesian openSUSE Community activity regarding new hobby as describe below 🙂
After blogging for about 4 years, I’m going to addict with blog themes & templates. I’m occasionally browsing only for finding beautiful templates for my own blog or for community blog. Some are free and others are premium themes. The one which I used for Indonesian openSUSE Community website is a good example of free magazine themes. I’m using WordPress as blog engine  and used BrandFord Magazine WordPress Themes by Michael Oeser as default template.
My Personal blog both Indonesian and English are using NewsPro Magazine Themes from Mehmet Ozekinci. It’s a premium themes, cost me some cash but I’m quite satisfied with it’s quality. Easy to manage and have many options for changing layout or adding an optional content.
Premium themes or templates  may have an additional add ons, support and professional layout but I often found a good & professional themes or templates provided for free of charge. So, it’s maybe a good idea to re-thinking your blog layout if you wish to attract your blog visitor. Good quality content is the king and I absolutely agree with this but it always be true that a good quality layout will increase your chance to let new user read our good quality content.
I always bookmarking a good layout, a blog post which listing some good themes or templates, a templates and themes review or even a new post regarding same topics about beautiful blog design. I think it would be a good idea to bookmark the good design with my own, so it would also useful for everyone who has same interest.
Based on my hobby and the above reason, I’m thinking to build a special blog for my own purposes (and also for anyone who interested to themes/templates highlight). Blog has been successfully setup and launched begining this week. It’s the main cause why I didn’t update my blog post., I think the purpose o this blog has been describe successfully with it’s name It’s a special blog based on digg-style, specifically intended to blog themes and templates and will be updated regularly. You may find a gallery about good design, good themes and good templates, both free or premium (commercial) which maybe suitable for your interest.
Beside standard posting from me as an infothemes admin, you could also submit your own interest or vote for such good design. If you worked as web designer and need to promote your product or finding a review, please let me know. I’ll submit your themes/templates into
If you have any suggestion regarding infothemes, please let me know. I’ll be back to writing activities, especially openSUSE tutorial & tips after completing this project…

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