Learning English : Preparing for Graduate School

In February, I finally completed my bachelor’s degree, after being delayed for many years. As I have enough time and I am in high spirit to learn something new, I decided to take a graduate program, Master in Information Technology (MIT or MSIT) from President University.

The Master in Information Technology (MIT) enables students to gain a solid foundation in areas such as information architecture, information quality assurance, usability, IT governance, information systems management, IT project management, user experience design, IT documentation/technical writing and communication, distributed information systems, data management, and mobile information systems.

Master in Information Technology (MIT) program comprises 38 credits (including a Thesis) which could be accomplished in 4 semesters (1 semester equals 4 months). It will take 16 months to complete the program.

All lectures will be conducted in English including discussions in class, tasks, journals, etc. All students are required to provide proof of English proficiency for admission to a degree program and it lead me to learn English with a tight schedule as the program will be started in May 2022 and I must provide proof of English proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS) before May.

I applied to study for a Master’s degree in February 2022 and later on, started my personal “Learning English” project by the end of the month. I took some courses and learned from an app in parallel for all English proficiency requirements such as reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Below are what I have been doing so far :

  1. TOEFL preparation course from Magoosh
  2. Online speaking classes from British Council
  3. One-on-one class from Preply
  4. Learn from LetMeSpeak mobiles app. This application focus on vocabulary, grammar and speaking as well. This is my favorite one.
  5. Learn from ELSA, English Language Speech Assistant. This is a fun and engaging app specially designed to help you improve your English pronunciation
  6. Start writing and communicating in English for my working activities

On March 15, 2022, I took a TOEFL ITP exam as part of my personal project measurement. The ITP edition consists of three proficiency tests: reading, listening, and structured and written expression. It doesn’t have the speaking test as on the TOEFL IBT edition. TOEFL ITP edition scores are enough for admission purposes, although I had to take an IBT and IELTS test this year to measure my proficiency in speaking as well.

I will blog details of my journey in my next stories.

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