Learning English : TOEFL ITP Remote Proctoring

I started learning English seriously at the end of February 2022, as part of my master’s program requirement. To measure my English comprehension and track my learning progress, I will need to take a trusted exam. There is 2 optional exam available to me, TOEFL and the IELTS exam. I decided to take TOEFL first and IELTS will follow later on.

On March 15, I take my first TOEFL ITP exam and got a score of 547 (equal to 78-79 on TOEFL IBT). Based on this result, I scheduled the second exam and put a higher score as my personal goal: above 575. My final goal is above 600 but I’m not confident enough to put this score as my goal in 1-2 months since my project started.

Today I did the second TOEFL test and got an unofficial score of 580 (similar to 92 on TOEFL IBT).

The result is still an average grade, but I am happy that it meets the requirements of my graduate program. My online lessons with British Council live speaking, one-on-one tutor in Preply, daily tasks with LetMeSpeak App, and watching Youtube regularly help me to improve my reading and listening comprehension, among other things.

I will have an IBT TOEFL exam by June 2022 and an IELTS exam by the end of this year. My master’s program starts in May 2022 and I hope I can prepare myself better than what I am doing now, both for the exam and also for my lecture.

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