Maintaining Good Habits

In early February 2023, I am making an effort to maintain habits that I have been following since the end of last year. These habits include:

  • Practicing alternate-day fasting or intermittent fasting
  • Exercising regularly
  • Avoiding sugary drinks, reducing rice consumption, fast food, instant food and others, including reducing overall calorie intake
  • Learning the Python programming language
  • Memorizing some short verses (juz 30) of the Qur’an
  • Writing a blog every day
  • Regularly uploading videos on the Zeze Zahra Youtube channel twice or three times a week
  • Making long-term investments (value investing) and trading periodically
  • Listening to useful podcasts or Youtube videos (about agriculture, animal husbandry, programming, motivation, religious studies, etc.) regularly
  • Reading books regularly for a certain period of time

My primary goal is to maintain the streak of activities, for example, by avoiding possible skipped fasting, exercise, or blog writing schedule.

There are times when I almost give up when exercising. Over time, the exercise apps increase the amount and proportion of exercises. For example, when I first started the exercise, I only did a plank for 30 seconds. Then increased by 5 seconds every few times until now; I do 2 x 60-second planks in one exercise.

Another example is the flutter-kicks movement that increases the time or the long-arm crunches movement that increases the number of movements. I don’t have a problem doing a plank for 60 seconds, but it will take effort if the plank is done immediately after I have just finished another exercise.

Because the intention is not to fail, I try to still be able to do the movement. I do not force myself but also do not want to give up too easily.

Another example is when I am too tired after attending evening classes, while I haven’t had time to write a blog. Usually, I give up, choose to sleep, and comfort myself that life should be enjoyed and not too hard, hehehe… At the beginning of this month, I tried to still write even though I was already sleepy, so there would be no missed schedule. This will also educate me not to procrastinate until injury time.

These are some examples of the routine that has been maintained in the first 3 days of February 2023.

Because I have previously carried out a 30-day (30 days abs workout) training, I continue the training to keep the exercise burden from dropping drastically and to maintain the rhythm. The result is that although my weight still fluctuates, it is stable in the range of 74-76 kg.

Hopefully, the process in the future will still be maintained, and the experience will be beneficial not only for me and my family but also for those who may have similar thoughts: to keep healthy and productive.

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