When I bought a farm to plant bananas, there were already several mango trees. The mango tree was not cut down, because it was already big and bearing fruit. We take care and fertilize it so that it grows better.

There are various types of mangoes, most of them are local cultivar, just like Mangga Harumanis (Arumanis Mango), Mangga Indramayu (Indramayu Mango), Mangga Gajah (Elephant Mango), Mangga Apel (Apple Mango), etc. These are also some Chokanan/Nam Dok Mai cultivar, well known as local name : Mangga Gading (Ivory Mango).

Mango is seasonal fruit, produce fruit that is ready for harvest 3-5 months after flowering. Most fruit is ready to pick in June and July, but specific harvest times vary by variety. Most of my Mango trees ready to harvest in June and July this year.

I usually taken mangoes harvest only to eat to ourself and to share with my family and neighbours, but as there is quite a lot of mangoes this year, some of the mangoes are sold at Zeze Zahra’s shop (my mom’s and pop shop sell banana and other local fruit). This can be a nice additional income 🙂

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