Martti Ahtisaari Wins Nobel Peace Prize 2008

Photo on Headline credited to Jenni-Justiina Niemi, copyright by Crisis Management Initiative, taken from an article : “Penandatanganan kesepakatan damai Aceh, Agustus 2005”

Martti Oiva Kalevi Ahtisaari, former Finland president and United Nations diplomat wins Nobel Peace Prize “for his important efforts, on several continents and over more than three decades, to resolve international conflict”. It would be a surprise for some people, especially for anyone in Indonesia because the rumor for his achievement is 2006 Nobel Peace Prize with Indonesia’s President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, for their work hard on peace mediation work at 2005 accord between Indonesia and rebels in Indonesia’s Aceh province. The rumor itself ended with the achievement of Bangladesh’s Muhammad Yunus with his Grameen Bank.
Now, Ahtisaari awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize after another peace work on Kosovo, Serbia. It’s also continue the trend of Nobel committee decision for Nobel Peace category : randomly changed year by year. After economic background with Muhammad Yunus as their reason on 2006, Nobel committee choose Al Gore with his achievement on World Global Warming on 2007 and then back this year with the achievement for peaceful world.
Good luck Ahtisaari, and thank for your effort on Aceh peace achievement.

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