Mindset and Self-Improvement

At my small company, Excellent (PT Excellent Infotama Kreasindo) and Aktiva (PT Aktiva Kreasi Investama), most of the team members are young adults. Their ages are mostly below 30 years old, some even below 25 or 20 years old.

From a technical standpoint, I have no doubt about their speed and ability. Their speed in learning new material and their ability to perform their responsibilities are remarkable.

That is why I only occasionally give technical input. Mostly, what I convey is non-technical, in the form of ideas and thought patterns (mindset) based on my experience.

These inputs can be in the form of a mindset towards progress, self-improvement, discipline, understanding personal and family financial aspects, financial literacy, including future planning and how to view things even if they are small and seemingly insignificant.

As an example, regarding the frequent rain that occurs at night, in the morning, and during the day. This is actually experienced by everyone, not just the Excellent team. Nevertheless, I wrote a briefing in the internal Excellent group about how to approach it, anticipate it, and overcome it.

For some people, rain at night and in the morning is inevitable. Traffic jams caused by rain are also considered normal. Being late to the office is considered a logical consequence. It’s been raining since last night until morning, so it’s natural that there is traffic everywhere and being late to the office.

I do not dispute anyone’s opinion because it is their right. Unlike at Excellent and Aktiva, because I have authority there. So I made a brief briefing about what should be prepared, what should be done, and what changes should be made to deal with the current rainy season situation.

Details about what I conveyed are in the screenshot attached in the image below.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not talking about technical work, but more about mindset and improving our way of thinking. For some people, it may seem like my focus is on being punctual to work and not being late. But it’s not just about that.

The main focus is so that we can improve ourselves every time there is an opportunity. Don’t let us repeat ourselves from time to time. We only repeat ourselves from the past. We are only satisfied with our minimum level without trying to improve and enhance the quality of ourselves and our work.

It may seem like it’s only about preparing for work and only about the rain, but if we get used to it and our mindset considers it normal, it will have an effect on our work.

If a client complains about a certain service, the solution is only to fix it. Just do what is asked. Just restart the services. Not trying to find out more whether there is a permanent solution or not. Are there any actions that can be taken to prevent the same problem or not?

If there is a complaint from the client, the Excellent and Aktiva team should be used to analyze whether this is a case-by-case problem or a chronic problem. Is it just once or intermittent, repeating in a certain pattern?

If the client frequently complains about a down service, is it not possible to fix the service until the problem is completely solved from the root?

If the client complains about a delay in response, a delay in sending proposals, a delay in billing, is there a procedure that can be applied to improve these issues?

So even though it seems trivial, I don’t want the Excellent team to ignore it. Don’t let every time it rains, we are also late for work. Every time we are trapped in traffic. Every time we get sick because we are not fit.

We may not know the fate that will accompany us, but we can prepare ourselves as best as possible so that our chances of success can increase.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail…”

Stay healthy, stay motivated, and always give our best for the life we ​​live.

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