Being Tired for Daily Routine

Back in 1995, after graduating from high school, I worked as a machine operator on a small factory at Cikarang Bekasi, a suburban city east Jakarta. Because of too many wasted time and as my effort to lift up my job quality, in 1996 I decided to go to a college at the night, after spending all day at my workplace.
Tired and bored working as a machine operator for more or less 4 years, in 1999 I decided to resigned and took a vacancy as an assistant in Computer Laboratory STMIK Bani Saleh Bekasi, my ex-college. At that time I was at the last semester and can take a part-time job to improve my knowledge about IT.
Worked as Computer Lab’s assistant eventually lead my earning falling drastically, but I convinced myself that it doesn’t matter because in this position I can also earn some experiences and new knowledge and the most important thing is my work is suitable with my education background and my passion.
In 2000, I had an opportunity to work as IT staff at a small company produces furniture product for export-oriented while still kept my part-time job as computer Lab’s assistant. At that time I can applied the theories I learned in the college in real life in my work. Every day is an adventure, begun with designing a program application, setting a network and work as a SysAdmin.
In 2004, once again I feel what I had in 1999, bored and tired with my daily work activities. Though at that time I already promoted as IT supervisor and have some staffs under me, I feel bored facing daily job again and again. To overcome my feeling, I try to learn new things,  in this case, I learned Linux both for desktop and server. I also learn about web development and start blogging.
Those two things actually spare time activities turnout to be the two things eventually lead me to resign from my job in 2006 and started my new adventure as SysAdmin at Tanjung Priok Jakarta. This is my first non-manufacture company.  I began to get accustomed to Linux Operating System. My position also makes me accustomed to the factory management, human resource, and people management. While working as SysAdmin, I keep blogging and learn a lot about various topics. I developed a community based on same hobbies and write articles to be freely shared via website.
4 years worked in Tanjung Priok, make feel other boredom. There are many reason and consideration to resign. One of them is my round trip to work, as it is too far from my home and turnout wasting time. That thing makes me ask myself, “Is it right to spend all the time on the road?”
After considering many things, finally, I decided to resign from my job at the end of December 2010 and build my own company.

If I reviewed my journey of life, and about my experiences, tired and bored are necessity and normal feeling in this life, exceedingly if we have a monotonous life. If we let that happened continuously, our performance could be stagnant, moreover is going backward, our quality is slowing down and we run our live day by day as a robot.
If we feel tired and bored, try to review again, for how long will we let this thing happen to our live? Does the feeling caused by our position in our job, or our neighborhood, or our chance to be promoted? Does the feeling just an early warning for taken some vacation? Can the feeling be resolved by finding some new place to learn new things? Do other things or go to an interesting place or whatever activity which make our life more varied in positive way.
Don’t be an uncertain man. Don’t wait for another people to change our life. Other people are already busy with their own way of life, don’t add with our problem which actually can be solved by ourselves.
If we worried about our future, don’t just sit and feel sorry about our live. Once again, review about what have you done, and look which part is needed to be upgrade? Do what is needed to improve our quality, improve our earning, to achieve our goal.
Our live is in our hand, good and bad depend on us. Life is our precious gift. Don’t waste it being unhappy, dissatisfied, or anything else you can be.

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