Personal Project Tips: Setting Minimum Limits

One important aspect in ensuring the achievement of personal projects is to set a minimum boundary or target for the to-do list that will be accomplished.

For example, if I want to exercise for health reasons, it should not be left to my mood. Otherwise, the result may not meet the standard. It is better to set a daily minimum target, such as exercising for at least 10 minutes each day.

I aim to complete at least one chapter when I read an ebook or listen to an audiobook. When I attend Python training, I set a minimum target of completing one material with a time range of 10-15 minutes each day.

The term “minimum target” means that we can exceed but not fall short of the set goal. For instance, my goal is to drink 2 liters of water per day, but I can drink more than 2 liters as long as it is not excessive.

Having a minimum target will help us maintain and gradually increase our goal achievement standards.

For example, initially, my minimum exercise time was 10 minutes each day. In the second month, I increased it to 15 minutes. Later, I increased it to 20, and now it has become 30 minutes.

The minimum target is also useful to ensure that we are responsible for the set target. For instance, if I want to save 12 million rupiahs in a year, I must save one million rupiahs each month. The plan should not assume any luck or miracle.

Suppose we plan to perform Umrah (Hajj), and the cost is around 30 million rupiahs, and we want to save money in five years. In that case, we must save at least 500 thousand rupiahs per month. We cannot assume that “I will save 100 thousand rupiahs per month, maybe I will get lucky, and I can save a large amount at once.”

Why is it not advisable to assume such things as part of planning? Because it is just an assumption and is tentative. It is not certain to happen. It is dangerous to rely on miracles to achieve the set target.

If we have set the minimum target and follow it routinely, and we still get a windfall, that is a different matter and can be considered a stroke of luck, but it is a casuistic nature.

I hope this is beneficial, and keep up the spirit.

Note : Image by irinakeinanen from Pixabay

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