Planting Bananas as an Additional Source of Income

Why did I suddenly come up with the idea of planting bananas? Why did IT people wander into planting bananas? Have they exhausted all options or have they given up?

Well, what’s wrong with planting bananas? I do like bananas. One of the exotic fruits. It is even used as a symbol at weddings in Javanese culture. The philosophy behind it is that the banana tree is faithful, bears fruit once, and then dies. Similarly, love in marriage.

Tsahelah, talking about bananas early in the morning gets me wandering everywhere, hehehe…

The banana seedlings can be taken from the existing plant offspring. Unlike rice or corn which must be prepared with new seedlings once harvested.

One banana harvest typically has 7-8 bunch of bananas, and some can even have more than 10 bunch, like the first photo of the banana. If one bunch of bananas is sold for just 10,000 Indonesian rupiahs, then 100,000 Indonesian rupiahs can be obtained from one banana harvest. If the price of land in the village or in the garden is 200,000 Indonesian rupiah per square meter, then 2x banana harvest is already reached break-even point.

Is it that simple? Well, not exactly easy. Selling bananas in large quantities is not easy, and the price can also fluctuate. Nevertheless, planting bananas can still be a potentially profitable possibility rather than letting the land go unused and become overgrown with weeds.

If we often stress from work pressure, planting bananas might be one of the tips to relieve stress. But beware, don’t add more stress because the banana tree is diseased or has a lot of bananas but is confused about how to sell them 🤭.

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