Realizing a Dream: The Cabin House “Zeze Zahra”

A few years ago, I was captivated by Stieg Larsson’s novel “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” which narrates the intriguing partnership between journalist Michael Blomkvist and a hacker named Lisbeth Salander, as they unravel a mystery together. However, what truly resonated with me wasn’t the plot’s core mystery but rather a detail about Blomkvist’s lifestyle—specifically, how he spends his weekends at his cabin, engaging in leisurely activities such as reading, relaxing, fishing, or having barbecues. This sparked in me a desire to have a similar retreat, a place where I could escape the routine of daily life and immerse myself in tranquility and leisure.

Driven by this aspiration, I set out to create my own version of Blomkvist’s cabin. My search for cabin designs revealed that American-style log cabins were prevalent, yet such designs were uncommon in Indonesia. Determined to bring my vision to life, I decided to construct a wooden cabin. I found affordable land near rice fields and a river in Karawang Batujaya and ordered a knock-down wooden house from Palembang. The process was lengthy, but eventually, my humble and modest cabin was realized, allowing me the freedom to enjoy weekends away, engage in fishing, barbecues, gardening, and fruit tree cultivation—mirroring the experiences once enjoyed by Blomkvist.

Reflecting on this journey, I’ve realized that often we might feel unworthy of our desires or hindered by financial constraints, leading to inaction and future regrets. However, changing our mindset towards pursuing our dreams, regardless of financial limitations, can be transformative. Starting with small investments can eventually lead to the realization of our goals. Looking back at the creation of my cabin, now named Zeze Zahra Excellent Farm, I’m amazed at how it gradually came together, step by step, according to what I could afford at the time. This experience underscores the importance of maintaining hope and persistently working towards our dreams, showing that with time and effort, aspirations can indeed become reality.

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