In Bekasi, Indonesia, it has been raining since yesterday. It continued from the early morning to dawn until morning. Heavy rain, Monday morning, many areas are flooded, it is highly likely that the roads will be congested.

On Monday at 3:30 a.m., I woke up according to my habit. There was also a reminder from my smartphone alarm. I did some light exercise and then had sahur (pre-dawn meal). After that, I took a shower and performed the Fajr prayer. Because it was still raining, I checked several CCTV cameras to ensure the condition of the road in front of my house and in some locations, whether they were flooded or not.

After the Fajr prayer, I took Bumblebee, which was parked in a separate location. Because it is quite far away (about 1 km from my house), I usually use a bicycle. But because of the heavy rain, I had to wear a raincoat so that I wouldn’t get soaked. In the end, I chose to walk while carrying an umbrella.

My daughter Vivian and my son Zeze Vavai were ready. Considering the situation and predicted conditions, I asked both of them to leave earlier. The route to Vivian’s school is more congested, so leaving early could be a good choice.

There was some traffic, and we had to pass through flooded roads in several places, but finally, Vivian and I arrived at school around 6:35 am. The journey was relatively smooth and safe. Zeze Vavai, who rode a motorcycle, went to SMAN 1 Bekasi. Although the route was also congested, a motorcycle could be more flexible, but he had to use a complete raincoat and put his shoes in a plastic bag, hehehe.

Throughout the journey to school, I reminded Vivian that better preparation would benefit many parties. For ourselves, so that we are not late. We can also contribute by not adding to the number of vehicles that cause congestion in crowded situations. Our hearts are also happy because we are not in a rush and can relax both on the way and at school.

This self-preparation will also have an impact later on when working. If we are used to working haphazardly and chaotically, sooner or later, there will be problems in the work we do.

I still remember the lessons from senior members when I was in a nature lovers group. Without adequate preparation, we are risking lives when climbing a mountain. Without good preparation, we become a problem for colleagues and others. If we do not prepare ourselves and our equipment properly, we cannot blame others for the problems we experience.

Each of us actually knows our weaknesses. The difference is, do we have the willingness to reduce and, if necessary, eliminate those weaknesses? If we have been chaotic and often in a hurry, do we want to continue like that?

Let’s not make today a repetition of our past selves. Careless and often get into trouble because of our carelessness. Often delaying good things without clear reasons. Not preparing ourselves and often incurring losses due to those actions.

Our life belongs to us; whether it is difficult or happy, we are the ones who live it.

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