Serendipity Blog Installation

Installing Serendipity blog engine is quite easy and need a few step only. Serendipity need webserver with MySQL or PostgreSQL and PHP Support. If you install Serendipity on your local computer, you may use XAMPP. Click here for XAMPP installation assistance.

Below are step-by-step how to install your Serendipity blog :
1. Download Serendipity
blog from it’s website.

2. Ekstrak zip / tar.gz file. You will get Serendipity folder contains Serendipity files and modules.

3. Upload your Serendipity file to hosting location by FTP.

4. Create MySQL / PostgreSQL database

5. Start installation. Open your favorite browser and type your domain installation. Serendipity will automatically detected your installation proses

Welcome to the Serendipity Installation.
First we will take a look at your current setup and attempt to diagnose any compatibility problems.
Errors are displayed in red [!], recommendations in yellow [?] and success in green.
– Serendipity v1.1.1 pre-installation report –

7. Make sure you have no option marked in red. You may find this error if Serendipity found an invalid permission for some folder / file(s). To olve this problem, use you FTP client to CHMOD 777 to an error permission item and then click "Recheck"..

8. Installation Choice.
There is 2 (two) installation option, Simple dan Expert Installation. Simple Installation will only display primary option. If you need more installation option, try Expert Installation

9. Change Installation Item.

Database Setting.

Database Type : MySQL or PostgreSQL
Database Host : Database server location. Database hosting used "localhost" by default.
Database User : MySQL or PostgreSQL database user
Database Password : Your database password related to database user
Database Name : Your database name (created on step 4)

General Settings
Admin User Name : User Administaror nick name
Admin Password : Administrator password
Real Name : Full name will be displayed as an author on article
Blog Name : Your blog name
Blog Description : Describe your blog about here
Language : Default Language.

Appearance & Options
Use WYSIWYG Editor : Yes, rich text format editor. Only for Firefox, Mozzila and IE only

10. Click "Complete Installation". Serendipity automatically create .htaccess file to protect your blog.

11. Open Administration Suite. In Administration Suite, you can make New Entry, Edit or delete existing entry, change themes (Manage Styles), add or mofify plugin and change another option to your Serendipity blog.

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