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I used Serendipity blog for about 2 years and started 3 months ago I tried to add Google Adsense to my blog. Serendipity seems to fit with our requirement to make our blog profitable with Google Adsense and another ads type.

There is hundreds blog engine but I’ve satisfied with Serendipity blog due to my experience until now. Here is some interesting reasons to use Serendipity as your blog engine and make it profitable with Google Adsense :

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Compliance

Serendipity link and title has a nice model which compliance to SEO friendly. By default, Serendipity using the title of posting or article to link format.

  • Static HTML for Dynamic Content

Serendipity is a dynamic blog but it has a capability to produced and formatting the content as static content. Cacheable static content make Serendipity a nice speed to display blog contents.

  • Google Adsense Support

Serendipity supporting various Google Adsense type and various location or layout. You can display Google Adsense as sidebar ads, top, bottom, inside, head, footer or end of article.Below are another reasons to used Serendipity (taken from official site of Serendipity) :

  • WYSIWYG Editor and HTML Editor HTML

You can create or modify an entry with WYSIWYG or HTML editor.

  • Threaded comments, Nested categories and posting to multiple categories are supported.
  • Anti-Spam / Comment moderation. Through use of a (bundled) plugin you can enable CAPTCHAs, SURBL-blacklisting, automatted comment moderation based on the content of a comment. Highly configurable.
  • Support for XML-RPC Editing. Support for both the Movable Type? and Blogger XML-RPC APIs.
  • Dynamic. You don’t need to constantly wait while your weblogging system regenerates pages. Caching is dynamically managed, so you don’t need to worry about it when publishing your weblog. Optional advanced URL rewriting rules and customizable permalinks are available.
  • Trackback and Pingback. Serendipity can accept, send and autodiscover trackbacks and pingbacks. Of course you can also ping common weblog services like technorati,, blogger, yahoo and
  • Plugins. A robust plugin system allows you to modify Serendipity without digging through the core source code. Sidebar plugins allow easy customization of your blog with dozens of features. Event plugins are a powerful method of method callbacks, which can hook in into any place in s9y to make it one of the most flexible APIs available. Our online repository (Spartacus) supports adding plugins within a few mouseclicks and no manual file up/downloading! Powerful plugins exist for maintaining static page content, displaying galleries, making rss aggregators, ldap authentication, customized template view, multilingual content and much more.
  • Multiple Databases. Serendipity supports MySQL(i), PostgreSQL and SQLlite database backends.
  • Multiple Users. Multiple users can edit and administrate the weblog. A free permission setup can tell which user is allowed to do what.
  • Internationalized. Serendipity is available in English, German, Danish, French and many more, and adding new translations is a snap.
  • Skinable. Templates can easily be added by the magic of CSS. Several templates are included by default. Even visitors of your blog are able to change the layout on-the-fly if you use the template-dropdown plugin. For the advanced user, the full flexibility of the Smarty templating engine allows to change every aspect of the Serendipity look.
  • Open Source. Serendipity is licensed under the BSD License.
  • Standards Compliant. Serendipity supports XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.0, RSS 0.93, 1.0, and 2.0, Atom 0.3 and 1.0. Supports conditional GET for caching RSS feeds on the client-side. It also supports UTF-8 environments.
  • Shared library. You can use Serendipity as a single installation to serve multiple and independent weblogs, but only maintaining a single codebase.
  • Easy Upgrading. An easy and automatic upgrader helps you in the process of upgrading between Serendipity versions (starting with version 0.5).
  • Flexible Input/Output. Choose between HTML, Textile, Wiki, BBCode and a boast of other markups. For both users and your editors!
  • PHP-powered to fulfill the needs of ever-growing PHP-enabled websites and easy integration with support of embedding Serendipity into your webpage.
  • Actively maintained by some skilled and open-minded developers who enjoy the touch to the actual user and give support on the Forums as well as listen to every new user suggestion.

Why is Serendipity better than…

First off, choosing the right weblog tool is like choosing your religion. You should be wise in your requirements and where your focus lies.

Serendipity is aimed to make everything possible you ever wish for. It is technically up to par to other well-known weblog scripts like Moveable Type or WordPress.

  • Easy plugin integration. No hacks, no problems during upgrades, good compatibility and a central plugin repository. Enhance flexibility without the need to touch any core files.
  • BSD-licensed, WordPress is only GPL. That means, you can use Serendipity to power your commercial sites without any issues. Of course, the Serendipity team still likes to get credited where credit is due. 😉
  • Supports a well-known and flexible templating system, the Smarty Framework. No PHP knowledge is required, and its a good established standard for templating.
  • Cool plugins that behave well with the Core, like Multilingual Entries, an aggregator plugin and a flickr-like tagging infrastructure.
  • Multiple DB support speaks for itself.
  • Good PHP code style. Open and responsible release management, covering fast security updates.

Moveable Type

  • A great plus for Serendipity: BSD-Licensing. PHP instead of PERL, which often is harder to get on shared servers. Also, PHP tends to be better suitable for the web than Perl.
  • Easy and extensible plugin API.
  • Online Plugin repository.
  • Responsive and caring Open Source community instead of the interests of a large company.

There is some good point about Serendipity. Click here to read "Top 5 reasons why Serendipity is Better"

2 thoughts on “Serendipity for your Adsense Blog

  1. hi! how do you embed google ads at the end of the extended view of an entry using serendipity? (as you have done here on your site)
    any help would be great, thanks!

  2. @BB,
    Sorry, now I used WP as my blog engine after migrating from S9y.
    Actually, you may used plugin (event plugin) called “HTML Nugget for Page”. The plugin will puts an HTML nugget on top or bottom of the page, or inside the page’s HEAD tag

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