Simple Hut at Zeze Zahra’s Cabin Home

When playing and staying at Zeze Zahra’s cabin home in Batujaya Karawang, Indonesia, I usually spend more time outdoors, including in the area where chickens, ducks, geese, and swans are raised. In this area, there are many trees such as bitter beans, coconuts, mangoes, guavas, and sapodillas.

When it’s hot, I usually take shelter under the sapodilla tree. From this position, the cabin house can be clearly seen from its side. While sitting under the sapodilla tree, I chat with my siblings Qchen and Achos. Based on the position and mapping of the place, I think it would be good if the area around the sapodilla tree is cleaned up and tidied, the rice fields in front of it are turned into fields and used as land to support commercial farming and animal husbandry.

For example, the land will be planted with odot grass as a preparation for goat feed, then also planted with California papaya, crystal guava, and oranges as souvenirs to enjoy when playing at the cabin home. Gradually, this intention is realized. In parallel, I also made a small simple hut in the area near the sapodilla tree, which can be used for praying and relaxing while doing activities around that place.

Some of the materials for making this hut were taken from beams and boards made from felled tree trunks. Later, I also intend to make a wooden table next to the hut so that it can be used for relaxing in the morning and afternoon.

Currently, the hut is not yet finished, still being tidied up and smoothed. I also still need to clean up and tidy up the small stream in front of the hut. That small stream is part of the rice field area that I separated which will be stocked with fish, so Vavai and Vivian can fish from the hut freely.

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